The University of Alabama

Download as a Video Podcast

All 8 chapters of the tour are available as a video podcast. Download them onto your device and watch offline or while you're on campus. The video is not designed to be a walking tour, but it will help you become more familiar with the UA campus and some of our programs.

Downloading the tour to your iOS device

The following instructions will guide you through downloading the tour videos onto your iPhone/iPad. (Note: These instructions are specific to iOS 9 and version 2.3 of Apple's Podcasts app. Older versions will have similar steps with some minor differences.)

  1. Install the free Podcasts app on your iPhone/iPad. (Skip this step if you already have the Podcasts app installed).
  2. Tap the Download Tour link near the top of this page.
  3. After you tap the Download Tour link, you will see a message asking if you want to open this page in News. Tap Yes. The Podcasts app will open and you will be asked whether you would like to subscribe to the podcast. Tap Yes to subscribe.
  4. The tour podcast will be added to the My Podcasts list within the Podcasts app. If you are subscribed to several podcasts, you may need to scroll up to see the tour podcast.
  5. Tap the Undergraduate Admissions Web Tour item. Tap Feed. This will show you all the chapters of the podcast in order, including those that you have downloaded and those that have not been downloaded.
  6. On the Feed view, you will see a cloud icon to the left of each chapter that has not been downloaded. You can download each chapter by tapping the icon to the right that looks like 3 dots. This will reveal a menu from which you can tap Download Episode to begin the download for that episode. Do this for each chapter if you want to be able to play these videos without a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.
  7. Once all the chapters are downloaded (or just the ones you want), you can tap My Episodes to see a list of the chapters that have been downloaded. Tap one of the chapters to start watching. At the end of each chapter, the next one you have downloaded will start automatically.

Downloading the tour to Android and other devices

With so many smart phones on the market these days, we can't speak on the features and functionality of each one. However, the Undergraduate Admissions Web Tour is a standard video podcast, so it will work on a wide variety of smart phones that have video and podcast capabilities.

On most devices, you should be able to subscribe by tapping the following link from your device or by entering the following address into any standard podcast software under Add a Feed or Subscribe to Podcast (or other similar language):