Conditional Admission

International students who meet all academic admission requirements, but who do not meet the stated English Proficiency Requirements, can be admitted to the University of Alabama on the condition that they will meet English Proficiency before beginning academic coursework.

These students are not required to submit proof of English as part of the application. Instead, these students will begin coursework in the English Language Institute (ELI).

Students will remain studying in the ELI until they meet the required English Proficiency.  The length of study in the ELI depends on a student’s level at entry and his/her commitment and capacity for learning while in the program.  In total, the ELI is a six-session program, which can be completed in a year.

There are six intake sessions for conditional admission:

If you want to begin at the ELI Apply for conditional admission by
Fall 1 session  (August start) May 1
Fall 2 session (October start) August 1
Spring 1 session (January start) October 1
Spring 2 session (March start) December 1
Summer 1 session (June start) March 1
Summer 2 session (July start) April 1

After you meet the requirement, you will automatically begin studying in your degree program when the next UA semester begins.

Please note: Academic sessions only begin in Fall 1, Spring 1 and Summer 1.  Therefore, if you are admitted as a conditional student, the first time you can begin academic coursework after meeting the requirements of the English Proficiency is in Fall 1, Spring 1, or Summer 1.

If applicants apply as a conditional student, but later choose to submit proof of English, International Admissions MUST receive official test scores by the following deadlines:

Term Academic Calendar Test Submission Deadline
Fall Semester August – December August 1
Spring Semester January – May December 1
Summer Semester June – August May 1

**Please note, NO unofficial test scores will be accepted upon arrival on campus.

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