Freshman Enrollment Deposit

The University of Alabama is resilient, ready to transform learning opportunities to overcome any challenge. Now that you are admitted to UA, it is time to invest in your future.

All entering freshmen are required to submit a $200 nonrefundable Freshman Enrollment Deposit that goes toward your first semester’s tuition. Here are a few things to remember about your enrollment deposit:

  • The Freshman Enrollment Deposit must be paid before you can apply for housing or register for Bama Bound orientation. Virtual Bama Bound orientations are being developed so that you can safely prepare for your time on campus from anywhere.
  • The priority date for paying the Freshman Enrollment Deposit is June 1, 2020. You still have time to submit your February ACT and SAT scores.
  • Pay your Freshman Enrollment Deposit online by logging into myBama and clicking the Admissions/Scholarships link on the main menu. In the Admissions section, locate Admitted Freshman Next Steps. Click the link labeled “Submit Freshman Enrollment Deposit.” Reminder: This payment will go towards your tuition.

Once your enrollment deposit is paid, it’s time to claim your place at UA. Apply for Housing today and keep an eye on your myBama email for further instructions.